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Our New Friend

May 28th, 2008

The GG is looking for a name/nickname for our new pet.  Please comment with your vote.  Any name but “Yogi” will be considered:

Ace\'s Friend, Yogi

Yogi has had enough

What a Difference a Week Makes.

June 10th, 2007

Finally, there is a solution to our rotten, infested, litigious problem at the cabin. Old Deck…

Old Deck

Rotten Old Deck

 No Deck…

No Deck

 New Deck…

New Deck

 Nice and New

Dock Weekend

April 23rd, 2007

The 2007 Spring dock weekend was balmy and perfect.  Here are photos…

Dock Install 2

The hard part…

Lift Install 1

On to another dock…

Another Dock Installation

Louie flossed for the occasion…

Louie’s Dental Work