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Up a Tree

April 27th, 2007

He’s quick, he’s small, he’s just not too bright.  An aggressive neighborhood dog chased our Ace up a tree; actually two trees twice.  He came down after a considerable amount of time and consternation…

Ace In a Tree

Poor Ace

Dock Weekend

April 23rd, 2007

The 2007 Spring dock weekend was balmy and perfect.  Here are photos…

Dock Install 2

The hard part…

Lift Install 1

On to another dock…

Another Dock Installation

Louie flossed for the occasion…

Louie’s Dental Work

Garage Grilled Chicken Recipe

April 15th, 2007

The GG is confident most folks already know about this approach to grilling chicken. It is very quick and easy, with a little planning. As brining is to other types of meat, the marinade is the key here. It may even be healthy, but The GG makes no claims to having nutrional expertise. Make a lot and doctor leftover chicken for pasta, chicken parmesan, fajitas, or philly chicken sandwiches.

Garage Grilled Chicken

Garage Grilled Chicken

8 oz. italian dressing

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts*

Thyme, Oregano (dry is fine, but I roll my own in the Summer)

Salt, Pepper to taste

Marinate chicken in dressing overnight, in 1/2 gallon ziploc bags. Grill on medium heat, with lightly oiled grates.

*The GG prefers to buy the cheapest cuts of the best product. Gourmets of the Garage have a lot of sharp knives and aren’t afraid to bone and skin chickens. The GG, however, is a busy man. He and his Queen prefer natural, veg-fed, or even organic chicken. In our area Smart Chicken brand is available. It is pricey, but worth it as it tastes fantastic! We’ve experimented with cheaper brands, and the flavor doesn’t match up.

Suzie Q II Returns

April 11th, 2007

Thanks, Uncle Joe!  You’ve found the Suzie Q II at Watergate Marina!  I will add more content later, but wanted to post as soon as I had heard.

 Suzie Q II

Happy Easter!

April 9th, 2007

Where’s The Bunny?

 Forget the candy…where’s the bunny?

A Quick Rant

April 5th, 2007

I checked out and this morning.  Top stories on both sites covered the contestant who was cut from American Idol.  News?  Hardly.  Thank heaven for the delete key.

Easter Ham Recipe

April 3rd, 2007

This is Squishy’s recipe, and it is fantastic.  Be careful when basting…the honey glaze will burn skin badly.

Ham Glaze

Put in a blender* and mix well:

1 cup honey                                                                         2 Tbs. Dried lemon peel
1 Tbs. Grated cloves                                                            1 Tbs. Dried mustard
1 tsp. Nutmeg                                                                     1 tsp. Dried ginger
1 tsp. Black pepper

Brush or spoon on scored, cooked half ham**, throughout baking process. Bake 3-4 hours in 325° oven.

*The motors of most non-professional blenders can’t handle this very well.  Next time, I’m going to try a drill powered paint mixer
**GG prefers Hillshire Farms plain half hams

Spring is Here

April 2nd, 2007

GG has officially recognized spring.  It is opening day!

Ace in the Groove

April 2nd, 2007

Louie is now in the game. 

 Ace - Up Close

The Queen purchased a blanket that may rival those of the Seahawks and Twins.  The question remains…where will Ace sleep at night?

Louie’s Blanket is Nice